Get Paid To Talk

Your time is valuable, and at Callvention, you are paid for every minute you speak with a fan.  You’re free to spend the payment on yourself, charity, your next game, or however you wish.

Callvention will pay you directly and handles all payment collection aspects with the Listener.

Why Would Someone Want to Talk With You?

As passionate fans of video games, Callvention listeners love talking about all things games.  You can make their day with a little discussion.

Some topics discussed on calls may include:

  • Your opinion on their favorite video games
  • Development stories
  • Gameplay secrets
  • What you think of video games today
  • Your favorite video games

Call durations can vary from fifteen minutes to an hour, and will always fit within any schedule limitations you have.

How Does a Call Work?

Callvention will arrange everything for you.  By signing up, we advertise you to Callvention Listeners, and will reach out to you to schedule a call at your convenience when a Listener requests contact.  For your discussion with a Callvention Listener, you will be called directly by Callvention’s system, and your phone number will never be shared with Callvention Listeners.

Sign Up as a Callvention Speaker

Please provide the information below and Callvention will initiate the Speaker Signup Process.  We will be in touch with you soon after completing this form to finalize your membership as a Callvention speaker!

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