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Eric Weiss

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Eric Weiss Biography

Eric Weiss is a 20+ year industry veteran with experience across games, apps, TV and film.

Games and Applications:
FLY, Head of Product, VHornet Games,2016
Stocket, Head of Product, CTO Social Voucher 2016
Badgers AR, Director, Right on Target Media, 2013
Roush-Fenway NASCAR Director, Right on Target Media, 2013
Nestle Cafe Viet Director, Right on Target Media, 2013
Rising Storm, Tripwire Studios, Animation Supervisor, 2012
UFC-Trainer, Animation Supervisor, 2011
0Ghost, 0Santa, Director, 0Cog 2009
ItzaBitza, Art Director, Sabi Games 2008
Prey, Senior Animator, Human Head Studios, 2006
RA, Animation Director, Mobicore Games, 2005
James Bond from Russia with Love, Lead Technical Art Director, Electronic Arts, 2005
The Lord of the Rings, The Third Age, Technical Art Director Electronic Arts, 2005

The Full-Time Half-Time Show, Executive Producer, Calypso Entertainment(Pre-Production 2013)
Talent 101 USA (Web), Executive Producer, Calypso Entertainment (Pre-Production 2013)
The Hubbard Brothers, Producer, Hubard Brother Productions, 2012
Back at the Barnyard, Digital Supervisor, 26 Episodes, Nickelodeon, Omation, O Entertainment, 2007-2008
The Biggest Step, VFX Supervisor, H5B5 Media AG, 2002

Out of the Shadows, Producer, Pre-Production, Hubard Brother Productions, 2012
Superman Returns, Animation Supervisor, Warner Brothers, Rising Sun Pictures, 2006
The Polar Express, Senior Character Animator, Warner Brothers/Sony Imageworks, 2004
Ice Planet, co-VFX Supervisor, H5B5 Media AG, 2001
Final Fantasy, the Spirits Within, Animation, Square USA, Sony Columbia Pictures, 2001
Stuart Little, Animation, Sony Columbia Pictures, Centropolis Effects, 1999
End of Days, Preproduction, Centropolis Effects, 1999
Godzilla, Senior Character Animator, Centropolis Effects, 1998

Game Credits

0Ghost (2009)


Prey (2006)

Senior Animator

James Bond: From Russia with Love (2005)

Lead Technical Art Director

The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (2005)

Lead Technical Art Director

Source: Mobygames and Callvention

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