About Callvention

About the Callvention Platform

Callvention’s platform is designed from start to finish to enable 1-on-1 phone calls with fans, in a safe, secure and fun manner.

We know fan phone calls better than anyone else, and our platform ensures artists can connect only when convenient to them, at a rate that fits their own schedule.

Calling Technology

Call Logging

Our technology platform logs connections and ensures accurate billing.

Auto Dialing

Artists and fans are called separately and connected automatically. No dialing is needed.

No App Required

Callvention works on any type of phone. No downloads or installations are required.

Artist Safety

ID Verification

All fans have their identification verified, and fans are pre-screened individually by Callvention staff.

Decline Policy

Artists can decline calls in advance or end calls at any time if uncomfortable.

Secure Contact Info

Contact information is never shared with fans and stored securely. Callvention manages all logistics with fans.

Pay it Forward

Expenses Covered

Artists keep at least 40% of call earnings, covering any effort needed to find time for the call.

Benefiting Charity

Proceeds from every single call benefit VH1’s Save the Music charity. Further, Callvention donates 10% of all profits.

Direct Sales

Sales from artist websites net even greater rewards, earning the artist 60% of call earnings.

Callvention Mission Statement

Fans and artists rely on each other.  We are dedicated to managing a safe space where artist and fans can interact and speak with one another.  Callvention is where artists can let their guard down and gain inspiration from their biggest fans.

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