About Callvention

About Callvention

Callvention is made in Santa Monica, outside of Los Angeles, CA.

We love video games as much as anyone, and celebrate not just our favorite games, but also the people who helped make those games.

What is Callvention?

Callvention brings fans closer to their favorite video games. Go behind the scenes, read about the people behind favorite games, or even talk to game makers.

Only Callvention enables fans to have a phone call with a game maker, for a chance to learn stories first-hand about a game they love.

The Callvention Team

Bryan Cashman at CallventionBryan Cashman is the founder of Callvention, and has worked in video games for eighteen years, starting as a video game journalist.  Most recently, Bryan ran the developer-focused CONSULGAMER.

Bryan’s favorite game is Metal Gear Solid, and his most coveted possession is his autographed copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, earned through a gutsy request at E3.

Callvention ContributorsStanislav Costiuc is a Contributor to Callvention, and his writings appear frequently in Callvention’s blog.  Costiuc is a game designer at Ubisoft, and also writes about game design on his personal blog.

Stanislav’s favorite game of all time is a Russian RPG called Evil Islands, which kickstarted his passion for game design.

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