See Super Mario Bros.’s Unreleased Title Screen

Super Mario Bros. may have had a very different title screen, according to a Super Mario Bros. design document photographed by Callvention.  The design drawing, likely drawn by the game’s illustrators, Shigeru Miyamoto or Takashi Tezuka, illustrates an enhanced font for Super Mario Bros., as well as a different color palette.

Super Mario Bros. Design Documents

To celebrate the release of Mario level editor Super Mario Maker, Nintendo released some promotional artwork of original Super Mario Bros. design documents.

Super Mario Bros Design Document of Title Screen

The officially released drawing from Nintendo above represents the final drawing of Super Mario Bros’s title screen, and is the same drawing that was was digitally drawn into the game for the NES release.

The Logo is Always Greener on the Other Side

However, Callvention accessed an alternate drawing representing a more colorful take on the title screen.

Alternate Super Mario Bros Design Document
This Super Mario Bros design document believes in the color of Luigi.

The title screen captured here has three significant differences:

  1. The Super Mario Bros. banner is green, instead of red.  The final game’s release uses a red color that mirror’s Mario’s own palette.  Interestingly, the green used in this banner is the same as the color Luigi’s clothing.  Could this mean the main playable character’s color was originally green and not red?  Or is green just used here as it’s a more pleasing color to the eye than the rusted red used in the final game’s banner?
  2. The “S” of “Super” is larger and more stylized in the unreleased Super Mario Bros. design document.  The “S” is taller and stretched out, and stands out more than any other letters in the title screen.
  3. Last, there is a horizontal line separating “uper” and “ARIO BROS.”  The line was purely used for stylistic purposes, and removing it from the final logo was likely a stylistic choice made by Shigeru Miyamoto.

For Comparison’s Sake

For comparison’s sake, here is the finalized title screen captured by Callvention.  It provides a little more detail than the version released by Nintendo, and can be used for you to compare title screen versions as illustrated in Super Mario Bros. design documents.

The final title screen for Super Mario Bros.

There’s Plenty More Coming

Callvention has plenty more to share on the making of Super Mario Bros., as well as many of your other favorite games.  We have more drawings, animations and more on the way.

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