Let’s Talk to Our Heroes with Callvention

Introducing Callvention

Let’s cut right to it. Let’s talk directly to our heroes with Callvention.

The greatest video games are passion projects built by employees who truly love what they’re making. As fans, we should be able to talk directly to them about our favorite games.

As video game fans, we celebrate great games by reading everything we can about them, and by collecting all the best merchandise. But our connection to the artists and creators of our games remains distant. At Callvention, all of that changes.

Talking to Game Makers

Callvention is a new service that lets you hop on the phone and speak directly to someone who helped make your favorite games. Rather than passively consuming information about video games, you can learn directly by speaking with someone who helped make your most treasured games great.

Connect to Your Memories

When we look back at our lives, certain video games stand out as being critical to our own lives. Maybe a game was used to bond with a sibling, or to get over a relationship. Maybe a game helped us learn to read, or maybe it expanded the way we think about the world.

Parappa the Rapper stickers from Callvention HQ
Collecting game merchandise isn’t the only way to get closer to your favorite games.  Now you can make a phonecall with Callvention.

With Callvention, we can truly connect to those memories by calling someone who helped make the games that are monuments in our lives.

Information about games today comes from marketing departments or design leads, but to get the full story it’s worth talking to people from across a game’s team: artists who defined a game’s style, programmers who figured out how to make the game run, or musicians who made a game truly emotional.

For classic games made before the internet, a phone call is even more important. Older games often have less information about them on the internet, and a phone call with someone from a game’s team may be your best shot to truly learn the history of a game.

Game makers are the rock stars of our day, and just as people study every moment of the recording of a Beatles song, you can now dig into the details of a game’s creation.

What To Expect from a Call

Video game makers make great conversations. A look at Iwata Ask, a Nintendo site where the former CEO speaks to employees at his company, reveals how much employees may share: stories of suspense, stories of learning, or stories of inspiration.

On a phone call you might hear about the challenges to finish a game, or you might learn why a certain gameplay element exists. You can ask questions you’ve always wanted answered. Or you can ask for guidance and recommendations for your own work or lives.

Calls can also be purely for pleasure: have a phone call on your birthday, by someone behind your favorite game! Even great game designers are just ordinary people. At the end of the day, we can all say hello.

A Service That Rewards The Creators

Last, by paying for a call with a game creator, you are rewarding them for a job well done. Game creators are paid for their time on the call, and they can use their earnings to fund their next game, to reward themselves, or to give to charity. Often, game companies are the only ones to get rich off of a good game, and with your Callvention payment, you’re directly thanking the talent for a job well done.

Let’s Take This Relationship to the Next Level

I’ve loved video games since my Dad first installed the Nintendo Entertainment System behind the family’s living room television. Since then, I’ve taken my video game relationship beyond my controllers. I’ve written about games, interviewed developers and attended game unveilings. All of it has made my love for games more vibrant, with a better understanding of what it really takes to make such great pieces of art. With Callvention, let’s all learn a little more about our favorite medium. Let’s ask the questions we’ve always wanted to ask about games we will never forget.  Our heroes are out there and want to talk.  Let’s get on the phone.